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Buddhist Tibetan Cymbals | Plain Small

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Buddhist Cymbals, Meditation Cymbals

These Buddhist Cymbals also known as Tibetan Cymbals or Tingsha Bells are made of metal and joined with a cord. They have a very clear beautiful sound and will be perfect for you in preparation for meditation.

Buddhist Cymbals

These particular Buddhist Cymbals have not only an amazing sound but are beautiful objects in their own right.

Buddhist Cymbals

Measurement for these Plain Buddhist Meditation Cymbals small are: Diameter: 4.5 cm, 1. 3/4 Inches



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    Tibetan Prayer Wheels, Cymbals, Singing Bowls
    Tibetan Spiritual Items
    Buddhist Cymbals
    Tibetan Spiritual Items
    Tibetan Cymbals