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Gold Wall Mounted Tealight Holder

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Gold Wall Tea Light Holder

This stunning Tea Light Holder is hand etched on pressed metal and then soldered together to create a solid and beautiful wall mounted Tea Light Holder. The light from the candle illuminates the startling eye catching star patterns on the front of the holder allowing it to shine brightly back out to you! 

Tea Light, Candle Holder

This Gold Wall Tea Light Holder will look fantastic on the walls of your homes, creating rich, warm and wonderful atmospheres that you will love for years to come!
The measurements for this Gold Wall Tea Light Holder are: 
Height approx: 15.5 cm, 6. 1/4 Inches
Width at widest point approx: 13.5 cm, 5. 1/4 Inches
Depth approx: 8 cm,  4 Inches
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    Candle Holders, Tea Lights
    Headless Soul Candle Holder
    Candle Holders, Tea Lights
    Tealight Holders