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Hedingham Fair Card | Freya

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Pagan, Wiccan, Goddess Card:


Designed by celebrated Artist:

Karen Carter of Hedingham Fair. 

Comes with Envelope
This Freya card is blank on the inside for you to write your own personal message.
Size 11 cm by 21 cm
Text taken from the back of the card:
In Norse mythology, Freya or Freyja  (which means 'Lady') is the Goddess of love and fertility, one of the older Gods, the Vanir, who were concerned with nature and magic. Her father was Njord, the Sea God, and she had a twin brother Freyr ('Lord').
As a fertility Goddess, her beauty was irresistible and she wore the 'Brisingamen' a necklace crafted so exquisitely that it was said to glow with the fire of enlightened wisdom and be an emblem of the fruits of the heavens and earth. When she cried her tears fell as gold upon the earth and Amber upon the sea. Like her later incarnation, Holda, she is said to be a witch-Goddess, and to have taught magic to the younger Gods, the Aesir. Her chariot was drawn by cats, her familiars. But Freya also foreshadows Eostre and Holda, each of whom are each said to be attended by hares carrying lighted torches to illuminate the way, bringing the dawn.
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