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Dragon Figure Bust | Cirgos

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Dragon Figure: Cirgos

Cirgos is a superb Dragon Head Bust Figure, Figurine made by Nemesis Now. Carved from resin, this incredible Dragon Bust of the terrifying Cirgos sits on his plinth with his piercing Green eyes! This Cirgos dragon Bust ishand painted in stunning purples and Greens with a spectacular glitter finish.

Dragon Figure, Figurine

Cirgos the Dragon head statue will look fantastic in your homes on his own or as part of your ever growing Dragon collection!

Measurements for Cirgos Dragon Bust Figure, Figurine are:
Height approx: 17 cm, 6. 3/4 Inches
Width approx: 9 cm, 3.5 Inches
Depth approx: 11 cm, 4. 1/4 Inches
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