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Final Flame | Reaper Tea Light Holder

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Gothic Reaper Tea Light Holder:

Final Flame

A fantastical Grim Reaper Tea Light, Candle Holder; Final Flame! The bilious folds in the cloak drape down over his shoulders and knees whilst he cradles the Tea Light or Candle in his lap. The flame from the tea light will cast eerie flickering shadows that will dance magickally and mysteriously on the walls of your homes and in the empty cavernous hole where the face of the reaper should be! 

Gothic Reaper Tea Light Holder

So illuminate your homes, lairs and crypts with this incredible Final Flame Tea Light, Candle Holder that will look amazing in your homes and is a must for all lovers of the bizarre, the macabre and the spooky!

The Tea Light is included!!

Measurements for this Final Flame, Grim Reaper Tea Light Holder figure are:
Height approx: 16 cm, 6. 1/4 Inches
Width approx: 14 cm, 5.5 Inches
Depth approx: 12.5 cm, 5 Inches

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