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Happy Laughing Buddha with Dragon Statue 50cm

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Hand Carved Laughing Buddha Statue

A beautiful hand carved Laughing Wooden Buddha Statue, made from Suar Wood, a sustainable hardwood from Indonesia that is fast growing and easily replaceable.

Laughing, Wooden Buddha Statue

This amazing Wooden Chinese Buddha Statue stands with a ferocious Dragon curling around his shoulders. The dragon offers him protection and is symbolic of the Buddha's abilities to master all wordly matters for his own good. The Buddha wears Mala Beads around his plump neck, a reminder for all Buddhists to continue with their deep meditations on life and the attainment of Nirvana. The bowl he holds is a symbol that a Buddhist lives on what is given freely to him and that worldly concerns are never as important as spiritual one. His beatific smile suggests a carefree demeanor and attitude and one you to should adopt too if you wish to be as happy as the Buddha! This exceptional Happy Buddha Statue with a Dragon should be placed anywhere in your home or workplace where you would like there to be good luck, prosperity and happiness. 

This beautiful Laughing Happy Wooden Buddha statue with Dragon has been personally hand made under strict Fair Trade Guidelines. The detail is breathtaking and achieved using traditional methods with no power tools or machinery.

Wooden Buddha Statue

This Laughing Smiling Wooden Buddha Statue can be polished easily to a high gloss. Would suit any traditional or contemporary room setting, an ideal gift for a family member or friend on any occasion.

This Laughing Wooden Buddhas Statues Measurements:

Height approx: 50 cm, 19. 3/4 Inches
Width approx: 30 cm, 12 Inches
Depth approx: 17 cm, 6. 3/4 Inches

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