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Hand Carved Wooden Cupped Hands

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Hand Carved Wooden Hands Bowl, Dish, Ornament

A beautiful hand carved pair of wooden hands, made from Suar Wood, a sustainable hardwood from Indonisia that is fast growing and easily replaceable.

Hand Carved Wooden Hands

A fantastic pair of hand carved wooden hands, cupped together to form a begging bowl. They have been finished to a high standard and the detailing is superb. These hand carved wooden hands would make a perfect bowl or dish in which to keep your keys or rings, it would make an excellent Fruit Bowl or just be a beautiful Ornament in it's own right.

Please note: As each one is unique and hand carved by artisans items may vary very slightly from the one shown in the pictures

This hand carved cupped wooden hands Measurements are:
Height approx: 8 cm, 3. 1/4 Inches
Width approx: 19.5 cm, 7. 3/4 Inches
Depth approx: 29 cm, 11.5 Inches

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