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Indian Bedspread | Ganesh

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Indian Cotton Bedspread



A fantastic and brightly coloured Indian Bedspread. Made from Cotton, this Indian bedspread is large enough to comfortably fit a double or king size bed.

A wonderful Indian Bedspread depicting the Hindu God of Ganesh. Ganesh or Ganesha is one of the most Highly Worshipped and venerated of all in the pantheon of Hindu Gods. With its vivid colours and intricate detailing this Ganesh Bedspread is absolutely stunning!

Completely hand made, this beautiful Bedspread can also be hung as a tapestry, a wall hanging or as a throw over a Seetee or Chair and will fill any room in your house with a multitude of warmth, style and comfort!
Measurements for Ganesh Indian Cotton Bedspread
Size: 210 cm by 240 cm
82.7 Inches by 94.5 Inches
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