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Indian Bedspread | Red Elephant

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Indian Cotton Bedspread


Red Elephant

A fantastic and bright coloured Indian Bedspread. Made from Cotton, this Indian bedspread is large enough to comfortably fit a double or king size bed.

A fiery Indian Bedspread in an effervescent cast of Red that reminds you of the first Rose of Summer or the last glows of a reflected Sunset in the waters of a painting by Turner. Four majestic Elephants stand in the centre of the Indian Bedspread arranged in a circle facing and saluting each other with their long, protruding trunks.

Completely hand made, this beautiful Indian Bedspread can also be hung as a tapestry, a wall hanging or as a throw over a Seetee or Chair and will fill any room in your house with a multitude of warmth, style and comfort!
Measurements for Red Elephant Indian Cotton Bedspread
Size: 210 cm by 240 cm
82.7 Inches by 94.5 Inches
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