Pagan Cards - Ogham Tree Cards

Ogham Tree Cards

The Wisdom of Trees Pagan, Wiccan Cards 

At Beachcomber we have a large selection of Pagan & Wiccan Greeting cards depicting the ancient Ogham Trees Celtic divinatory system. 

In ancient times, our Celtic Druid ancestors devised a system, part alphabet, part calendar/Zodiac, able to be carved using simple notches onto wood or stone. Each character was a number and a letter. The consonants were time periods - mostly Lunar months and the vowels were solstices or equinoxes. Each symbol represented a tree or shrub, around which grew an extensive mythology, recording historical and religious stories, the uses of each tree both for craftwork and medicinally, and a divinatory system similar to Tarot. To the Celts, the whole landscape was alive with meaning and wisdom, the wisdom of Trees.